Coopérative Française
de l'Aquaculture
Coopérative Française de l'Aquaculture Your aquaculture equipment since 1947.
Cooperative structure specialized in the distribution of professional equipment for aquaculture and water businesses.

SINCE 1947

COFA was founded in 1947 by the French fish farmers, in order to centralize the supply of fertilized trout eggs to feed the fish farms of fingerlings for grow.

The cooperative has imported up to 130 million eggs in 1970 (Denmark, USA, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Germany). This egg import activity has now ceased.

From 1983, the COFA also markets a range of fish farm equipment, clothing, and now has over 1500 articles in reference to direct factory price.


COFA has remained since its creation an agricultural cooperative.

Its board consists of 12 members, all fish farmers, a director and a sales team that ensures the smooth running of the company.

Its purchasing power allows farmers to source cheaply, it is a tool created by the profession, serving the profession and belonging as a whole to the profession.


In 1990, a subsidiary, the DIA (Distribution Internationale Aquacole) is created so as to make available the catalog of COFA for individuals wishing to obtain the professional quality equipment.

Today COFA distributes a wide range of clothes, processing of products, aquaculture equipment that cater to farmers and to pond owners, research organizations, hobbyists or just demanding individuals.